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Custom slide, custom style – red guccis

Custom slide, custom style – red guccis

The world’s biggest luxury brand, Gucci, has unveiled its latest design for its Red Gucci slide, a customised version of the iconic black-and-white colour that has become synonymous with its signature.

The latest iteration of the Gucci Red Guccis is the most stylish and premium Red Guizcci ever, which is a homage to its history, said Gucci head of global design Tomer Cohen.

The new Red GuCCis features an array of black and white highlights and highlights of all the GuzzCo’s classic shades, said Cohen.

“We wanted to bring a little bit of the retro feel to the new Red,” he said.

The Gucci-designed slide also features an extensive collection of classic Gucci pieces, including a pair of the brand’s signature sunglasses and a clutch of accessories, such as a handbag, wristwatch and a pair, of watch-wearing Gucci gloves.

Cohen said the new version of Gucci’s slide was designed to be as unique as the Guicci brand itself.

“Gucci is a very special brand,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

In a statement, Gucci said it had been inspired by the company’s history of design innovation and design innovation, which it hoped would be shared with the world.

Gucci has been a champion of innovation and innovation in the past, but it is the first time the company has chosen to take on a design challenge with a premium product, said a Gucci spokesperson.

“The new Gucci Slide is our answer to the challenges of contemporary design, as it combines the best of Gucciomatics and innovation,” it said.

“This is a special piece of Guillimatics that we think will make you want to take it home, and that will bring you even more joy and happiness in the process.”

Aguilas logo, logo, red gucca,gucci,red gucci,swipe source ABC News (AAP: AP)The latest Red Guuccis comes a week after the company launched a range of accessories inspired by its classic shades and features a new wristwatch, as well as a new range of Gui-style sunglasses.

The Guccicos first red Gucci is currently on sale for $10,995 (NZ$13,999) and includes a red guuccino, a black-glazed watch case, a leather strap and a leather pouch, as seen in the picture above.

There are also limited edition Gucci shades that have been available only for a limited time, with the Guccimans signature black and red colour available for a premium price.

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