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Five Palestinians killed in Jerusalem as Israeli forces continue operation against terror group

Five Palestinians killed in Jerusalem as Israeli forces continue operation against terror group

Five Palestinians were killed and eight others wounded in clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank overnight as Israeli authorities continued to advance in the West Bank.

An Israeli army spokesperson told Al Jazeera that four Palestinians were injured and two soldiers were lightly wounded during the clashes with the Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees in the Shuafat refugee camp in the central West Bank city of Nablus.

A spokesman for the Israeli military said that one soldier was lightly wounded in the clashes and that the soldiers were treating their wounds at the scene.

The spokesperson added that four people were injured in clashes between Israeli forces and the Popular Resistance Committee.

He also said that an IDF soldier was injured in the incident and that it was not clear whether it was a direct attack by the Popular Liberation Committees.

The Israeli military spokesperson said that the Palestinian militant group had fired four mortar rounds at the Israeli forces on Sunday.

He added that the Palestinians had also fired a mortar at an Israeli tank.

“The IDF responded with live fire, and the projectile landed near a military post in the vicinity of the Palestinian village of Huwara,” the spokesperson said.

“This morning, at around 10:00 am (0200 GMT), a number of Israeli soldiers were seen in Huwarah.

They fired live fire in response to a Palestinian terrorist firing a mortar, and one of the soldiers was lightly injured in this incident.”

The spokesperson said no injuries were reported from the shooting incident.

The Palestinian Popular Liberation Committee (PLPC), which is also known as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, is an armed group that has fought Israel for the past two decades, mainly in the Gaza Strip.

It was established in 2006 as the Palestinian branch of the Popular Movement for the Arab-Israeli Peace (PFAAP), an umbrella group that includes other Palestinian groups.

Since the PFAAP was formed, the PLPC has waged a violent campaign against Israel and its allies in the Palestinian territories.

In 2012, the group launched its “War on the Settlers”, which saw it launch dozens of rocket attacks at Israeli targets.

In 2016, the Israeli government claimed that the group was responsible for more than 1,000 rocket attacks in the past three years, with dozens of civilians killed.

Israel has long denied responsibility for the attacks, saying the rockets come from Gaza, which is controlled by the Hamas movement.

Palestinians say they are retaliating for Israel’s decision to build a separation barrier between the occupied Palestinian territory and the West on land the Palestinians want for a state.

Israel says the separation wall will be used to deter the movement of Palestinians and that Israel will maintain control over the area.

The wall is designed to be able to block out the Palestinian population in the area and prevent them from establishing a Palestinian state.

The PLPC claims to be a movement for the liberation of the Palestinians and the Palestinian people from the Jewish state, which it regards as illegitimate.

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