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Why the Adidas Comfort Slider Is Not Your Friend

Why the Adidas Comfort Slider Is Not Your Friend

Google’s new comfort slider, the Adidas KK slider, is probably going to have a lot of people’s favorite summertime music playlist.

The new slider is a combination of Adidas’ famous k-slider and a brand new design from Japanese company KK.

The Adidas K-Slider is designed to feel like a regular slider but with a slightly different feel and more of an aesthetic.

Adidas says that it will feel “better than ever.”

“We wanted to create a product that feels as natural as possible to the wearer,” Adidas told ABC News.

The Adidas Kk Slider features a white fabric and a red material, and it’s made from 100% recycled materials.

The fabric is lined with a thin white stripe and the stripe is then applied to the front of the slider with a flat, flat-bottomed brush.

The KK Slider is also made with a lightweight fabric, meaning it can easily slide over a shirt or other garment, but that’s not as useful as a heavier fabric like nylon, which can be heavier and take more time to wear.

Adidas said that it has been working with a number of manufacturers to improve the comfort of the KK, including a soft lining, which helps the sliders feel like they’re wearing the fabric.

“We worked with a variety of manufacturers and we’ve taken into account the needs of the user,” said Tom McDonough, director of global product strategy for Adidas.

“We know that the comfort is important for people who are in the gym, or on a hike, or in a car.

We’re always trying to improve it, so that’s why we’ve focused on making it better than ever.”

It’s super lightweight, it’s super comfortable and it makes the K-sliders look really cool.”

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