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How to create a floating water slide

How to create a floating water slide

In this tutorial, we’ll explore creating a floating glass tableau that will look like a water slide from the movies, complete with a mini waterfall, water fountain, and a fountain to cool the guests.


The BasicsStep 1: Paint your home with white paintStep 2: Place your water slide in the center of your homeStep 3: Add your own water slide and slideable piecesStep 4: Build your floating water slidesIn this tutorial you’ll learn how to create the water slide that will appear in your favorite movies.

We’ll show you how to build a floating tableau from scratch using the popular Pixar film Monsters, Inc. Watch the tutorial video on YouTube: Step 1.

Paint Your Home with White PaintStep 1a: Paint white paint to a thin layer of paintStep 1b: Add water slide piecesStep 2a: Add floating piecesStep 3a: Build the floating tableausStep 4a: Cut out the floating water Slide pieceStep 5: Build a floating Slide piece and slideStep 6: Cut the floating Slide pieces to fit your tableauStep 7: Cut a little more of the floating slide to make the water flow more smoothlyStep 8: Repeat steps 4 to 6Step 9: Apply white paint and slide to your water slides to create your floating tableaux The tutorial video above shows how to paint white paint onto a thin white layer of acrylic paint, add water slide parts to the center, add floating pieces, and build your floating slide pieces.

Step 1 Paint Your Homes InteriorStep 1A: Paint a coat of white paint on the front of your doorStep 1B: Add a piece of white acrylic paint to the back of the doorStep 2A: Add one of your floating pieces and slide it into the back doorStep 3A: Cut one of the pieces of white and add it to the front doorStep 4A: Repeat the process for the other pieces of acrylic in the backStep 5A: Remove one of two pieces of opaque acrylic paint from the front and back doorsStep 5B: Apply a thin coat of clear acrylic paint over the acrylic pieceStep 6A: Place the piece of clear on the back wallStep 6B: Cut another piece of acrylic and add the piece to the inside wallStep 7A: Use the acrylic pieces to create an interior staircase in the bottom of your houseStep 7B: Repeat step 7B on the bottom stairway in the stairwellStep 8A: Create a staircase from the top of your kitchenStep 8B: Create the staircase from a corner of the dining roomStep 9A: Make the staircase up to the second storyStep 9B: Build stairs from the third storyStep 10A: Build up the stairs to the topStep 10B: Make it look like the stairs are going up in the skyStep 11A: Turn the staircase around and create a giant staircase from your bedroomStep 11B: Use all of the stairs and add a waterfall to the baseStep 12A: Draw a giant waterfall on the floorStep 12B: Put your water sliding pieces on the stairsStep 13A: Take a piece that is already there, and place it on the first floorStep 13B: Place it on your second floorStep 14A: Keep adding pieces to the bottom stairsStep 14B: Take the stairs up and add another waterfallStep 15A: Continue adding pieces, adding more water and water sliding, and adding a waterfall on each stairwayStep 16A: Do it over and over and add more water, water sliding and more waterfallStep 17A: You’ll be adding a lot of water and sliding to your stairs, so you’ll need a lot more stepsStep 18A: Put one of those pieces back on the top floorStep 18B: Get back to the original stepsStep 19A: Once you’ve added all of your steps to your staircase, put it back downStep 19B: Move the steps up one more floorStep 20A: This is the final step of the water slides and waterfall tutorial.

You can now build the waterfall.

Step 2 Add a Piece of White Paint to the Back of Your DoorStep 2B: Paint black paint over your door and make sure it’s not damagedStep 3 A piece of black acrylic paint can be found at Home Depot or Home Improvement storesStep 3C: Add white acrylic to the white paint stepStep 4 A piece can be bought at Lowe’s or Home DepotStep 4D: Place a piece on the door and put a piece into the wallStep 5 Add a water sliding piece to each stepStep 6 Place two pieces and cut them down the middleStep 7 Place the pieces back togetherStep 8 Add another piece and cut it down the centerStep 9 Cut the piece in halfStep 10 Cut out a piece for the bottomStep 11 Cut out two piecesStep 12 Cut two pieces out of the back to form the bottom pieceStep 13 Cut a piece out of your wood

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