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Jordon Hydro Slide Rocks: ‘It’s the Biggest’ Slide in America

Jordon Hydro Slide Rocks: ‘It’s the Biggest’ Slide in America

Jordon, Ariz.

– “It’s definitely the biggest slide in America,” said Jordan Hydro slide rock specialist Jim Johnson, who specializes in the slide rocks that slide down into Arizona’s mountains.

“The thing about this slide rock is that it is really thin, which is why it is the biggest in the world.

It’s not very hard to go down and slide it, and then it’s easy to get back up again.”

Johnson said the slides have been around for about 40,000 years.

“It is the oldest rock on the planet,” he said.

“You don’t see many slides in the mountains.

I think there are more slides than people.”

Johnson is referring to the “biggest” slide rock in the U.S., which is a mixture of granite, basalt and basaltic sandstone.

There are many such rocks in the United States, Johnson said, and the “largest” is only 1.6 miles wide by 10 miles long.

That’s a bit more than half the width of the Statue of Liberty.

“It is very different than most slides in that you don’t hear it coming, you don,t hear it on the surface,” he added.

“When it comes to the rock, there’s no rock that can be slid like this.

It has to be brought up to the surface, which takes some skill and skillful manipulation.

You have to bring it up and get it moving.”

There are no other rocks in Arizona that are as big as the Jordon hydro slide rocks, Johnson noted.

There is no known age for these rocks.

“I think that the oldest is about 6,000 to 7,000 thousand years old,” he continued.

“But the younger ones have a much older age.”

Johnson has spent years studying and studying, and he said that these slides are among the most spectacular he has ever seen.

“They have this amazing, incredible, incredible velocity and it’s amazing,” he explained.

Johnson, who works in Tucson, Arizona, is also the owner of the popular website SlideRockSudona.com.

The site, which has a website and Facebook page, has been posting photos and videos of slides, and Johnson said he has been contacted by hundreds of people looking for slides to slide.

Johnson said it is difficult to find the exact location of the slide because of the terrain.

“If you can find it on a mountain, then that’s a good place,” he noted.

Johnson was not surprised that the Jordan hydro slide rock was named “The Biggest.”

He explained that the rock is an area with some pretty large rock formations, some of which can be up to six miles wide and over 20 feet tall.

“These are some of the biggest, most incredible rocks that I have ever seen,” he concluded.

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