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When did you first meet your spouse?

When did you first meet your spouse?

By the time you meet your husband or wife, you’ll probably already have had at least one relationship.

There are also some things that will change as a result of the transition, but in general, a relationship will be different.

Here are some of the key things you’ll find in your marriage.


You will have a separate room in your house for your home and office.

You and your spouse will work together in a shared space.

Your spouse will have an office for personal work, while you’ll have your home office.


You can have separate bedrooms in your home.

You don’t need a separate bedroom if your home has a private bathroom.


You’ll get to pick the style of home furnishings your home will have.

The first bedroom will have flat surfaces like a floor and a ceiling.

You may have to get used to a different type of bed in your bedroom.


You won’t have to change anything in your relationship when you move.

The couple will keep things the same, including your relationship, but you won’t need to go through the motions of getting things in order.


Your relationship will continue to be about the house.

Your husband or a partner will continue living in your existing home.


Your new home will be much quieter and less messy.


Your children will grow up in the new home, and you won, too.


Your kids will grow old with you and your husband in a house that is a bit different from the home they grew up in. 9.

You have to move out and start over when you get married.

You probably won’t want to move because your relationship has been a part of your home for so long.

You might be surprised at the transition.


You should plan on a new, larger house.

It will be bigger, but it will still be close to where you lived before you moved in. 11.

You need to work on getting over any emotional scars you’ve left behind.


You’re likely to spend more time with your husband, or your partner, since you’ll be living in the same home.


You’ve probably been in a lot of relationships that are a bit more than one person, but that wasn’t your plan in the beginning.

If you’re having a difficult time with a partner, don’t let that stop you from becoming a spouse again.

You just need to get past the first few issues.

There’s no such thing as a magic pill, but finding the right one can help you get back on track. Read More

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