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How to wear your sandals in 2018

How to wear your sandals in 2018

The new season of The Biggest Loser is here and, for the first time ever, you can wear your boots with a sandal on.

And, yes, the show’s host and co-star, Jamie Foxx, is wearing his own pair.

Here are the new sandals and boots:The Biggest Locker is a must-see show for the new season and, to help you get the most out of it, we’ve put together this guide to what to wear in 2018.

For some, it’s the perfect attire to join the pack of contestants on the show.

But for others, it can feel a little too casual.

Here’s our list of the 10 most fashion-forward sandals for 2018.1.

The Holographic SandalsBy far, the most fashion forward sandals you’ll find this season are the holographic ones.

These look like little balls of light that pop off your feet and disappear as soon as you step off the stage.

But the more sophisticated look can be a little more intimidating.

This is one of the most stylish sandals on the runway, and it’s one that looks best when worn with a pair of black shoes.2.

The Black Nike SandalsIn 2018, the Black Nikes are the hottest sandals to wear and they’re perfect for any occasion.

The heels are soft and comfortable, but the suede upper gives them a modern and sophisticated look.

And if you want to look the part, you should also consider wearing a pair with black sneakers.3.

The Boho SandalsOne of the best ways to keep your toes on the ground during the show is to wear a pair that are made of leather and include a holographic heel.

You’ll feel more comfortable and the hologram makes it easier to look like you’re walking on stage, even if you’re not.

The Boho Collection, a collection of high-end shoes, is one that will look great paired with your sandal or a pair.

For the rest of us, we recommend wearing a black pair with the Hologram.4.

The Shoei SandalsIf you’re looking for a casual look, look no further than these Shoeibos sandals.

Made of a blend of suede and calf leather, they come in a wide range of sizes and styles.

The suede feels comfortable and secure and the calf leather makes them easy to maneuver.

They’ll look great on any look and are also perfect for working out.5.

The Adidas SandalsYou can wear sandals with your shoes or not at all.

Whether you wear your shoes in a dress, casual wear or even a sport outfit, you’ll look fabulous.

They’re designed with comfort in mind and they have a comfortable toe box that gives you a comfortable fit.

They also have a patent leather toe cap.

You can even get a black heel or suede ankle pad for a less formal look.6.

The Nike SandalsThese are a classic pair of sandals that you can always keep in your closet.

They have a high-tech rubber heel, a durable nylon lining and a soft rubber sole.

The rubber sole helps keep your feet warm, so they’ll look even more stylish in the summer and you’ll feel like you’ve walked on stage.7.

The Converse SandalsWhether you’re working out or just watching the show, these Converse sandals will make you look as professional as you are.

They come in different colors, have high-definition graphics and come with a high tech rubber sole, so you can look professional without ever looking like you stepped on a treadmill.8.

The Reebok SandalsReebok’s new shoes will feel great on your feet, and they also have the same technology and quality as the Reeboks shoes.

These shoes are comfortable, stylish and will keep your shoes comfortable and looking fresh.

If you’re ready to ditch the sandals altogether, these shoes will still be a great option.9.

The Calvin Klein SandalsCalvin Klein sandals are a great choice for casual style, but they can be quite a bit on the expensive side.

They look great with a dress or just a casual outfit, but if you prefer a more casual look they can also look great in a black suit.

These sandals come in black, grey and white.10.

The Yves Saint Laurent SandalsYves Saint Loulou sandals have a unique look, with a mesh back and a high ankle strap.

They feature a rubber sole and are available in black and white and have a leather lining.

These are one of those styles that are so versatile that they can work with almost any outfit.

Check out these other sandals from the season:

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