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Why Trump’s alpine slide obsession is a myth

Why Trump’s alpine slide obsession is a myth

By Matthew BowersThe President of the United States is obsessed with the Alps.

He wants to be there for the alpine and he wants to do it with his wife and daughter.

But his obsession with the mountains is not borne out by the facts. 

As his staff has learned, he loves to travel the country on his yacht and his wife likes to ride it too.

He has no time for the hills, no love for the mountains.

The President loves the mountains and the President loves his wife.

He loves to spend time with his grandchildren.

He loves the Alps, he loved his wife, he doesn’t care what the hills look like or how the mountains look.

He is obsessed.

He is obsessed about the Alps as a subject matter and is obsessed by the mountains as an attraction.

And as he travels across the country in his yacht, he enjoys his family and his granddaughters’ time at the Alps while he watches the news.

The president has a mountain problem.

The only problem is that he is not interested in the mountains or in the Alps in the ways they are.

He doesn’t want to spend his time with the hills and his grandchildren while he is away on vacation.

He does not want to be in the woods at sunrise and sunset or in one of the mountains at sunrise.

He doesn’t even want to hike.

The Alaskan glaciers are not the problem.

The mountains are.

The President is not even interested in seeing them, much less having a conversation about them.

The problem is not the Alps but rather that he doesn the same thing on every trip.

He travels with his yacht because he is bored and bored is not a word that has ever been used to describe the President.

But the problem is the President does not have the time to travel and the problem will continue until he is gone.

He flies with his daughter and granddaughters on the same airplane and he flies with them in his helicopter because he has a child.

The White House is not for travel, it is for meetings and events.

He flies with the same group of people every time he is in Washington, D.C.

He uses the same golf clubs and he uses the exact same course to play golf every time.

He takes a helicopter and he takes a plane and he does not even have a dog or a cat.

The reason he doesn�t want to fly with his family on a helicopter is because he doesn �t want them to worry.

The fact is that the president has to be around them and he is going to have to deal with them every day, every week. 

The president�s love of the Alps has been the most prominent theme of his Presidency. 

It is a theme that has been echoed by the White House Press Office, as well as the President himself.

The question is why.

Why do the President, the President of a foreign country, have so many trips to the Alps?

Why do they go to such great lengths to see the Alps and why are they so obsessed?

Why is the president obsessed with them?

What does it mean to be obsessed?

It means that the President is constantly on the lookout for an excuse to travel to the mountains with his team, to see them, to do them, and to celebrate their success.

There is no reason to travel unless there is a big reason to.

He wants to have a conversation with the people he is meeting.

He does not need to see or see the mountains for that.

The first question that must be asked is, why?

How do we explain his obsession?

When he travels, he does so with the understanding that he will not be there as much as possible.

The travel has to happen on the condition that he sees something and experiences something.

He will not see the snow, he will see the people, and he will experience something.

It is important to understand the conditions for the President to travel in order to understand why he does what he does.

There are three conditions for travel.

The condition for travel is that it is a real reason for travel: it is important for the administration, the president needs to get a big group together, the administration needs to be doing something.

The second condition is that travel is a reason to do something, and it is the reason that the administration is there, that the White house is there and that the American people are there.

The third condition is the one that is most often ignored.

That is, the Whitehouse. 

When the president is there he sees people, he hears people and he interacts with people, as he would in a public setting.

The other conditions are that the trip has to involve something that has an impact on the lives of the people on the trip, that it will give them a sense of accomplishment, that they are going to be able to share in something that will give their lives meaning. 

I believe that the trips are really about having fun and having fun is the key to what the President cares about

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