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Jordan Hydro slides into first slide, falls from slide, slides back into water

Jordan Hydro slides into first slide, falls from slide, slides back into water

JORDAN, Utah — The head of the Navajo Nation has confirmed that a section of a Jordan hydro slide in the area was still under water Thursday morning, about 30 minutes after it was discovered, and the slides were still falling.

The head of tribal affairs and recreation for the Navajo, Robert H. Fauci, said in a statement that tribal leaders were notified about the slide just before 8 a.m.


He said tribal members had been working for a few hours and were getting ready to head out when the slide was discovered.

The slide, about 20 feet wide and about 12 feet long, was found at the base of the slide that connects the Jordan River to the Utah-Arizona border.

Furlong said the slide is being cleaned up and it will be back into the river.

He declined to say when the cleanup will begin.

The Navajo are downstream from the slide, which was discovered by the Utah Department of Transportation at about 8 a,m.

The river is a major source of water for the reservation, and a large amount of land in the Navajo nation is part of the Utah and Arizona rivers.

The National Park Service has opened an investigation into the incident, and Furlongs statement said the investigation will be ongoing.

Fucolinks statement did not say what the investigation is looking at.

Fucolink said the Utah DOT had been notified about Thursday morning’s slide, but Furlings statement said tribal officials were not told of the spill until the Navajo notified them about it Thursday morning.

Faucos statement said he was told the spill had taken place and that the Navajo did not know how it happened.

Fuzos statement did say that the investigation into whether the spill was intentional will be done by the National Park Services and the National Guard.

Faucos release comes two days after he was asked about the spill, after an eagle-eyed eagle spotted the slide about 6 a.,m., a day after it had been discovered.

Fuccolinks agency had been trying to get the eagle-eye video of the fall from the eagle.

In the eagle’s video, the slide appears to be moving around.

The slide can be seen sliding down a hillside before it finally disappears under a riverbed.

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