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‘Fears of a massacre’: A survivor’s account of her death in the Maoist ambush

‘Fears of a massacre’: A survivor’s account of her death in the Maoist ambush

New Delhi: The Maoists, who have killed tens of thousands of people in the name of “national liberation” in the country since 1989, have repeatedly claimed that they are fighting for the liberation of the nation.

But many are not convinced of this. 

While they claim to be fighting for a “free and independent India”, they have repeatedly targeted women, women’s rights activists and those who have sought justice for their kin. 

On Saturday, a 25-year-old woman was killed by the Maoists in the district of Dharwad, about 30km from the capital.

She was a graduate of a local university, she was a mother and a social worker. 

The Maoists also claim to have killed more than 3,000 civilians and injured at least 2,000 in their operations. 

According to the Home Ministry, the Maoism is a terrorist organisation with a history of carrying out large-scale killings. 

Its violence has left more than 2,500 people dead and tens of millions displaced in its wake. 

In December, the government announced the closure of all schools and universities in the state of Bihar and other states to protect the nation from Maoists. 

After several days of protests and strikes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the imposition of a two-week lockdown and said the government will crack down on Maoists through intelligence and legal action.

In March, the Supreme Court ordered the closure for 10 days of a school in a rural village in Bihar where hundreds of students were protesting against the closure. 

Maoists are also suspected of killing more than 1,500 in the districts of Meerut and Baramulla in western Uttar Pradesh, and in the western state of Rajasthan. 

But, there is no evidence to prove this.

The government has also failed to prosecute Maoists who have carried out attacks on innocent civilians. 

“The Maoist insurgency is a war on the poor and poor are its victims.

This is a fight that should not be allowed to continue,” said a senior police officer who declined to be named. 

Since the Mao Zedong revolution of 1949, India has been at war with armed Maoists of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Indian National Congress (INC), the main opposition party in India. 

They are fighting to create a free India.

They have killed, injured and displaced millions of people, and continue to terrorise India’s Muslims and Christians.

It has also led to a string of deadly clashes between police and the Maoised Maoists on the one hand and civilians on the other.

The Maoised rebels are armed with tanks and artillery, while the police are armed only with rifles and a few hand grenades.

But the latter are not able to control the Maois.

The situation has deteriorated dramatically in recent years, with hundreds of Maoists being killed in the last few months alone.

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