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What’s up with adidas’ kids-focused collection?

What’s up with adidas’ kids-focused collection?

I’ve been a fan of adidas Originals’ line for years, but this time around the brand decided to make the kids’ collection even better with a collection that includes a bunch of adorable baby accessories, as well as some of their best selling sneakers.

The new collection is called “The Kids Collection” and is the first of what adidas is calling its “New Originals Collection,” which is a term that the brand has been using for quite some time.

The term is basically referring to the “new generation” of sneakers that are meant to bring kids back into the game, and the collection is designed to go along with it.

It includes three different styles that are designed to appeal to kids and girls, including the popular “Mum,” “Dad” and “Dad 2” styles, and also a more basic version that can be worn by a boy or girl.

The “Kids” collection comes in three different colors, including a blue and black colorway for men, and a purple colorway that can easily be paired with a black and white colorway.

The collection will also be available in a wider range of styles that include men’s shoes, women’s shoes and even children’s shoes.

The collection comes with a limited edition “Mama” colorway, which is also limited to just 1,000 pairs.

That’s not a huge number, but it’s something that’s been on my radar since the first time I saw the collection, and now I can’t wait to wear it on a regular basis.

The range of accessories included in the collection are all made of a high-tech, waterproof fabric, and while I’m not completely sold on the design of these, the fact that it is waterproof is a welcome feature for the kids.

The new “The Kid” collection also comes with several accessories, including some of the coolest baby-friendly shoes out there.

The shoes are made from an ultra-light, stretchy fabric that is not only breathable, but also easy to slip on or off, making it ideal for a variety of different types of activities.

I’m very excited to get my hands on the new adidas “Kids Collection” shoes, and I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I see the shoes on sale.

Check out the full collection above and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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