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“Fendi is about to make a really important movie”—the slide revolution

“Fendi is about to make a really important movie”—the slide revolution

Fendi’s new water slide will offer up to 70 inches of water at an incredible rate of speed.

This water slide is a collaboration between the luxury luxury fashion company and water slide maker Intex.

The new water slides are the brainchild of the Italian luxury brand, and are set to be released in March.

The slide is designed to be a quick-and-dirty, water slide experience that is simple to build, but can be customized with a few clicks.

Fendi and Intex are working with designers to create a water slide that is both stylish and functional.

The company has worked with designers like designer Christian Ceballos and film director Adam Sandler, to create the futuristic, futuristic-looking water slides.

Fender is a key part of the new water experience, which also features two-tone rubber tires and an aluminum tube to support the slide.

It features a custom metal housing that has a high-gloss finish.

This is the same design that Fendi used for its slide line, which includes a water tank, water tank and a second water tank.

Fendernas design is built around the idea of the slide being the “world’s most powerful water roller.”

The slide can lift water up to 4.5 feet and is designed for vertical launches.

The two-ton weight of the water is also able to push the water to heights of more than 20 feet.

The designers say that the slide has a smooth, precise feel, with minimal vibration and no wobbling.

The Fendi water slide has also been tested at heights of over 1,500 feet and the slide is made of a solid, lightweight aluminum tube.

The tube is designed with a low-glitch, high-friction rubber tire.

The design is reminiscent of the sleek, streamlined design that many of the top water slide brands are trying to create.

“The Fendi Fendi Water Slide is the world’s most advanced water slide,” said Paul Dini, Fendi vice president of design.

“It is designed in the same way as the Intex Intex Water Slide, but with a very different look and feel.

Fenda is about the evolution of water in a water experience.”

The new Fendi slides are a collaboration with the luxury fashion brand, Intex, and the film director.

The water slide also includes a custom aluminum tube, made from lightweight aluminum and with a high gloss finish, that supports the slide’s high speed.

Fende is the brain child of the Fendi family, and is based on the family’s classic lines.

“Fenderna Fendi” is the Italian brand name for the Fenden water slide.

The brand was founded in 1956, and its mainstay is its slide and water, which is designed and produced by Italian luxury luxury brand Fendi.

It also produces the Fender brand.

The iconic Fendi logo is on the water slide and is displayed on the tubes.

The Italian brand Fendens luxury water slide line is known for its unique designs.

Fondas signature designs include an iconic tubular tubular, and tubular slides, the most popular slide in the world, made of an aluminum tubular tube.

Fendingen’s tubular slide is built on a tube that is almost 3 feet long and 2 feet wide.

The tubular tubes are designed to float above the water, and provide the water a smooth ride.

The slides are also designed to support up to 50,000 pounds.

The Intex tubular was also designed and built by Fendi, and it is the first tubular water slide designed by the company.

The tubes are powered by an electric motor that can accelerate the water up from 4,000 feet per second to 5,000.

The electric motor has a maximum range of about 100 feet.

A second electric motor is connected to the water tank for a total of 1,000 volts.

Fenders unique tubular is powered by a 12-volt battery.

The 12-v battery allows the tubes to move from 4 feet to 60 feet in just 10 seconds.

It has a power rating of more more than 15,000 watts.

“In the Fondens tubular line, we strive to design a slide that works for our clients and for their expectations,” said Christian Cegiroli, director of Fendi fashion.

“We are proud to collaborate with Intex to create this water slide for the new Intex Fendi.”

Intex is a leading designer of high-performance water slides in the industry, and has created more than 30 water slides, including a water slalom, a water mountain slide, and a water roller.

Intex also produces and markets the V-Max, which was designed to make water slide enthusiasts think twice about using it.

“Our goal is to bring new and innovative solutions to the industry,” said Robert Dornberger, executive director of Int

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